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Was looking for an inexpensive somker/grill combination. Seems to work quite nicely in grill 'mode'. Have yet to try (offset) smoker, but I just assembled it the other day... I think we may have to try a pork shoulder in the near term. I imagine it should do quite nicely. Given the price-point, materials/components seem to be quite acceptable/sturdy even. If you're looking for heavy duty/industrial, look elsewhere. This seems to me to be a decent backyard setup tho...
    By far the best pan I've ever owned. It requires more care than a crappy nonstick Teflon type of wok (which is what I had just previous to this) but it is SO SO SO worth it. You do have to “season” the pan prior to use which is where people saying “1/5 rusted, food sticks” etc screwed up. I added pics I took throughout the seasoning process so you can get an idea of how it should look.
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